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Michael Levy (Exec. producer - Predator, Lara Croft)
Our Clients

The Movie Fund Client base consists of the industry’s major studios, production companies, networks, and individuals. Our solutions cater to all positions and levels of the industry.

Movie Studios

MovieFund has two Moves Slates of over $100m – $250m which are associated with some of the major Movies Studios and Production companies in Hollywood. These Slates are positioned for Hedge Fund investments and large-scale family fund managers. MovieFund also has a number of Movies which are being developed within the studio system with production companies with a long track record of working with the major Studios. Please contact us for more details.

TV Networks

Alought we focus on Movies the Television Department at MovieFund is a very big part of the Company. Even the company’s flagship project; “PLANET X” changed from being a Movie to an episodic TV series. The Movie Fund seeks finance for pilot development, TV series production, and has point contacts with a number of the major TV networks.

Production Companies

Production companies (and producers) are the most valuable clients at The Movie Fund. We house Production companies database of projects, tv shows and Movies in development and work with these people and companies on a day-to-day basis working on many aspects of finding investors and film finance and bringing their productions to life.


MovieFund works, on a daily basis, with Producers and Directors who are members of the Directors Guild, Producers Guild and Screen Actors Guild (SAG). We work with our clients, Producers and the Entertainment Guilds to help attach Cast and Directors to Movie projects.


MovieFund works with the leading Talent Agents in the business including CAA, WMA, ICM, UTA, Gersh, APA and Osbrink supporting our clients Movie projects with their cast. Many of the well-respected Producers who have projects on The MovieFund platform also have strong ties with a number of the top talent agencies in Los Angeles.


MovieFund works with many well-known Casting Directors finding actors for the many quality projects displayed on the platform. MovieFund also works with its own casting and management company called ‘Epiphany Creatives’ which allows actors and a number of first-time Directors and Producers, who use the platform to take advantage and get involved in the hundreds of Movies being uploaded to the site over the next six months.

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